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My tutorial... & hair requests

I don't know if anyone missed it, but my tutorial was gone. Or rather, the pictures were (death to tinypic D:) But ehm, thanks to my paranoia, I still had all the pictures on my computer, and I've now finally fixed the entire post :) I hope it'll continue to help other people default.

Also, people often ask me if I could write a tutorial on hair replacements. I would, it's just that there isn't one way of defaulting hair. The meshes contain multiple groups - most of the time - and the amount of groups differs as well as the names of the groups. If you have a particular question about it, I'll be happy to help, of course. Also, I think I'm really starting to understand replacing hairs, so I'll take requests :D Anyone? I don't really care about polycounts if you don't. You should know that replacing all your hairs with high poly meshes is probably not the best idea, cos the townies will of course also use them.
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