Tutorial -- Hair replacements (or anything with more groups than the original)

So hai. Here's a shiny new tutorial. I'll be showing you how to replace a hair here, but it's basically the same for clothes. You can replace hairs the same way you replace clothes, but it's more tricky because you have to deal with differences in the amount of groups. So here's a fail-proof way.

I'm going to make this friends-only for now, just to see if it's any good. Beware, this is way different from the other tutorial, so it may take some time to get it right.

What you'll need:
- Something to replace
- Something new to replace it with
- SimPE

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Tutorial -- default replacements

Hey guys! I've been working on writing a tutorial today :D It's still a work in progress, but I think the time has come for people to have a look at it.

It's friends only for now, I'll share with everyone when I'm sure it's 100% OK. This is working better than I'd thought, I'll share with everyone now!

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I converted a few more hairs

I converted another couple of TS4 hairs. The second one is for males as well as females. The third one was requested by Mr Maxis Match. Beware of the high polycount on that one.

More conversions are coming up, make sure to keep an eye out on my Simblr.



Hey. So I'm going to start posting stuff on my Tumblr as well. It'll probably just be the same stuff I post here.

I think all the cool kids are doing it. I read something about Simblr. I feel old.

Maternity replacements \o/

Hello again!

I finally finished something I first posted about 4 year ago.. I made some maternity replacements that are not 9 times the same outfit in different colors, but 9 different outfits :D Everyone probably has the mod that makes their pregnant sims wear normal clothes, and I do as well. But I always make a big fuss about what they wear in the loading screen as well :')

So, this is what they look like:

There have been some beautiful outfits uploaded in the time that I was taking a break from ts2, and I've used some of them in this project. Also, two of these (numbers 2 and 8 in the picture) were seperates that I pasted together to an outfit.

Hope you love them as much as I do & sorry about the crappy pictures xD


PS. This also unlocks the maternity wear and makes it show up under 'Everyday', so it's easy to buy ingame.